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Image of Community Acupuncture, January 2019

Community Acupuncture, January 2019


On the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, you are invited to group acupuncture at Artemis & Lily. You may choose from 4 appointment times above, they occur every 20 minutes to give me time to greet you, help you get comfortable and insert needles. When you arrive, we will briefly check in and then quietly get you situated in the treatment space. Yoga mats will be laid out on the floor, along with some blankets and pillows as needed for your comfort.*

If you are an established client, of course, I will take your history into consideration. This a great option for returning clients needing continuing sessions and tune-ups. If you are a new client with more specific/multiple/in-depth health concerns that you would like me to address, I really encourage you to establish yourself with me through a private initial consultation. Feel free to contact me if you have a particular situation.

* If you need to sit upright, rather than lie on the floor, I have my a comfy chair with foot stool. However, I have only one. Please rsvp and email me if you will need to use it. I will be sure to have the chair available in place of the yoga mat.

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