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Healing Circle for Women


I offer an acupuncture healing circle for women. In this space, you are invited to come together in a small group of up to 6. You are invited to come as you are and share some words or not share. We will hold space for you. Following this will be a group acupuncture session. Yoga mats will be laid out, and you are welcome to bring your own.* I will provide acupuncture and a short guided meditation, after which will be quietude.

Daily and over the long haul, our energies are dispersed and depleted, individually and collectively. The acupuncture will be a combination of points intended to move stagnation, as well as strengthen and consolidate your resources. My intention is for our group experience to cultivate genuine wholeness and empower truth.

The sessions are scheduled for 5:30 pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Depending on how many people are able to come and to share, the session will be 60-90 minutes. The cost is $40. This is a great opportunity to have with a friend or relative. Please rsvp here as space is limited to 6.

* Notes

If you need to sit upright, rather than lie on the floor, I have my a comfy chair with foot stool. However, I have only one. Please rsvp and email me if you will need to use it.

This group session is not intended to treat specific medical concerns. If you are an established client, I will take your history into consideration. If you are a new client with more specific health concerns that you would like me to address, please establish yourself with me through a private initial consultation. You may still sign up for the group session.

Consider eating a light snack before the session, especially if you tend to feel dizzy or light-headed.

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